We Focus on Community

At LargsNaz, we are people who not only gather together for worship and fellowship, we also believe that we are called to meet the needs of others, both in our immediate community and throughout the world. 


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Our Vision Statement

Largs Church of the Nazarene will fulfil our mission to make Christlike disciples, to incorporate believers into fellowship and membership, and to equip for ministry all who respond in faith, by focusing on hospitality, health, and holiness. Hospitality entails providing a welcoming safe space and fellowship at the Lord’s table, while health includes promoting good stewardship of ourselves and our environment, and holiness is perfect love and heart cleansing that transforms the way we think and act. Following the example of the early church in Acts 2, we believe that God will bless our efforts and empower us with the Holy Spirit to bring wholeness and healing to our community.



Our Pastors

Pastor Tasha

Pastor Tasha is one of the pastors at LargsNaz. She has a background in marketing, food science and farming. Her practical ministry, passion for creation care, and her involvement in hospitality evangelism are bringing new ways for the church to show the love of Jesus to our community.

Tasha Alison

Pastor Steve is one of the pastors at LargsNaz. An interdisciplinary scholar, he has a background in theology, medicine, and the humanities. His teaching and preaching will challenge, inspire, and motivate you to love God and your neighbour with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

Steve Fountain, MD, PhD